Hello there!

You’re probably wondering, who is Off the Waffle, anyway?

We are a team of awesome people who are passionate about collaboration and the enjoyment of work and life, together. This means that we look at every individual as a person and consider their personal strengths, characteristics and ambitions. We take it personally.

We seek a meaningful connection with others. That means you!

We harness the skills that we already have and support each other in further development of new skills. Off the Waffle is a growing business right now, and we are looking for Team members to grow with us! We are always considering everyone on the team as the company grows and new roles emerge.

Applicants should be:

  • Adaptive: As a result of being open to change – we naturally change a lot
  • Proficient with all forms of communication (digital/in-person/phone/text)
  • Serious about working hard and as serious about having fun
  • Hard = Fun. We embrace challenges together and work relentlessly to solve problems in a positive way.
  • Proactive about constant improvement
  • Ready to learn a lot
  • Detail-oriented

Thanks for coming here and reading our hiring spiel. Our values are strong because we want to make people happy! And happiness takes hard work.  As a company we want to better ourselves (personally but together), our environment and our community.

To apply at Off the Waffle please fill out our Application Form and submit it.

Thanks and have a great day!

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