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frequently asked questions

What’s in your waffles?
Our Liège waffle is made from organic flour, local (Clackamas, Oregon) butter from organic whole milk, Singing-Dog double-fold vanilla extract, organic eggs and Belgian Pearl Sugar. Our produce is 100% organic. Off The Waffle is and will always be a corn syrup-free establishment!

Do you still offer Gluten Free Waffles?
Yes! We now offer Gluten Friendly frozen waffles for purchase in our freezer at all locations. If ordering in the restaurant, a gluten free substitution is available for an extra dollar (subject to availability) , just ask the cashier about our Gluten Friendly options.

Do you ship your waffles out of state?
Not yet – but plans are in the works! If you’re interested in having waffles shipped to you, please send us an email – so you can be the first to know once this service is available.

Can you sponsor our organization?
We love helping out our community! Send your donation requests to and we’ll be in touch.

Can waffles bring World Peace?
We’re not sure yet but we’re working on that too!


8am-2pm Daily

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Your waffles have arrived! Now What?

You can rip open the box like it’s Christmas and eat them right away! We won’t judge, but if you want to save them for later - here’s what you need to know:

Keep them in the freezer for optimum freshness. 

- Our waffles are considered a non-potential hazardous baked good. That's fancy-smancy Health Department talk for goodies that are safe to leave out at room temperature with no threat of bacteria growth.

However,we have found that a waffle left out at room temperature for more than 6 days can get stale. So, our best advice is that you store your waffles in a freezer as soon as you receive them.

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