About Us

The three founders of Off The Waffle, Omer (Left) Shimon (Dad, middle) & Dave (right). Peep the power of love & support: This photo was taken in 2010, and we had just opened the doors of our house to sell Liege waffles – We had no idea what we were doing. It is truly awesome to be working as a family business and we make it a point to share those same values with our Team and our Customers.

Omer, Dave, Shimon

Who We Are

We (brothers Dave and Omer) grew up traveling around the world, and as kids we spent time in Belgium. One of Omer’s first memories is of receiving a delicious Liège waffle from his kindergarten teacher in Brussels after a full day free of him causing a ruckus. Since our departure from Belgium, we obsessed over Liège waffles and the possibility of making our own some day.

How It All Began

In 2009, we spent time zig-zagging through Latin America and at some point realized that we would soon run out of cash, so in an effort to save up for another round of traveling we flew to San Francisco to begin looking for work. We bought a Honda Prelude for a $1,000 and started driving north. We really had nowhere in mind but our gut (our guts?) told us to stick with where we liked and that was the Northwest.

Fulfilling the Dream

At some point we found ourselves in Eugene and immediately fell in love with the area and the community. We started experimenting with our waffle recipe and shortly thereafter, we settled down in a little orange-and-yellow-painted house in the West Jefferson neighborhood. It was out of this house that we finally opened the original Off The Waffle. We spent about a month crafting signs, spreading the word, preparing the shop and developing the recipe (which is always in the works).

The Dream Team

It wasn’t long until we were joined in our waffle shenanigans by Shimon (our dad and longtime waffle enthusiast) and Vered, our little sis. Along with our crew of world-class waffle bakers, we continue to serve waffles that make you want to hug someone. Nevertheless! We are still just babies in the restaurant world, and we do not claim to have it all figured out. For this reason, it is crucial that you give us as much feedback as you can to help us make more waffle lovers happy. Feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email (holler@offthewaffle.com) Thanks, and enjoy the ride!

-The Waffle Family

Our Timeline

The Waffle Family
The Waffle Family

Off the Waffle comes to Portland, and brings the whole family – here we are with our dad Shimon!

More Buzz, More Waffles!

Eugene is the best.

Downtown Off The Waffle Opens

People loved us, we needed more space. Off the Waffle Downtown is born!

We’ve Got a Restaurant

Our first official restaurant opens in South Eugene – we are really excited.

Meeting Our Neighbors

In the spirit of Eugene, we offered waffles for trade – and encouraged other to do the same. Check out our Barter Wall.

Off The Waffle Opens

Our first location in the old Van Buren House, which we rented. We were selling waffles out of our living room and handing out samples at weekend markets.

South Eugene

2540 Willamette Street

Hours: 8am - 2pm daily


Downtown Eugene

840 Willamette Street

Hours: 8am - 2pm daily