Since 2009, we’ve been sharing our passion for liege waffles with the Pacific Northwest and somewhere along the line, the world took notice. While we have always done what we do for love, the recognition our waffles have received has truly been an honor. We are so grateful to all the folks who have traveled far and wide to come and talk to us/ write about our waffles. Below you’ll find a collection of our recent press features. Click on the article or logo to read more.

5 Unreal Stops Along the Eugene Goat Cheese Tour

The Munchies Guide to Oregon

Off the Waffle Restaurant Review

Breakfast on the grid at SE Portland’s Off the Waffle: Cheap Eats
March 10, 2015 at 11:01 AM

Take one glance at the sunny Clinton Street location of this Eugene-based chain and you’ll see a familiar formula at play, one honed by beloved Northwest enterprises such as Pine State Biscuits, Laughing Planet and too many pizzerias to name: pick an item, master a recipe, come up with a dozen variations with whimsical names, then hire a bunch of kids to crank them out.

Dine with Your Dog
July 2016

We live in a very pet-friendly area with many restaurants that allow customers to dine with their dogs … or cats. When I first got my dog a little more than a year ago, she was an 8-week-old rescue puppy with a boxer face and blue heeler paws, and I never wanted to leave her home alone.

The Waffle Game that Changed Lives
December 2010

You’ve never heard of this game. It’s in only one cabinet, playable in one city and, generously estimating, maybe it makes a dollar a day. Nothing about this video game suggests it’s someone’s meal ticket, but it is. For life.

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