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    Who We Are

    We (brothers Omer and Dave) grew up travelling around the world, and as kids we spent time in Belgium. One of Omer’s first memories is of receiving a delicious Liège waffle from his kindergarten teacher in Brussels after a full day free of him causing a ruckus. Since our departure from Belgium, we have been obsessing over Liège waffles and the possibility of making our own some day.

    How It All Began

    Food has always been an important part of our lives. With this strong passion, we worked in restaurants for a few years, saving up for a long backpacking trip in Latin America. We spent some time in Latin America and, upon running out of travelling money, Dave flew to England for a job opportunity. After having realized that this job was not for him, Dave called Omer (who was on a farm in Argentina at the time) to see what he was up to. About a day later, we met up in San Francisco. We bought a Honda Prelude for a $1,000 and started driving north with nowhere in mind. We Couchsurfed along the way, staying at the homes of Couchsurfing hosts. We slept in our Honda Prelude which was actually pretty comfy. At some point Dave remembered that he had been to Eugene on a previous road trip and loved it... so we decided to drive there and check it out!

    Fulfilling the dream

    After having Couchsurfed in Eugene for about a month, we fell in love with the place and the community. Shortly thereafter, we settled down in a little orange-and-yellow-painted house in the West Jefferson neighborhood, near the Whiteaker neighborhood. We knew that Eugene would be the perfect place to open our waffle shop. The waffle shop had been a family dream for decades. It was out of this house in the West Jefferson neighborhood that we finally opened the original Off The Waffle. We spent about a month making signs, spreading the word, preparing the shop and developing the recipe (which is always in the works).

    The dream team

    We were very lucky that Eugene was (and still is) a small, tight-knit community. Word got out extremely fast. The shop eventually got so busy that we found ourselves with no option but to look for a larger place to serve waffles. Upon hearing of the old Baskin-Robbins location being up for grabs, we moved in and remodeled. We opened the doors in January of 2010, and so far the South Eugene neighborhood has been unbelievably welcoming. Since then, we have been joined in our waffle efforts by Shimon (our dad and longtime waffle enthusiast) and Vered, our little sis. It did not take long before we became known for having excellent food, and lines to the door became a regular thing. Space got tight, and we began to think of options that will give us and our customers some room to breathe. In June of 2012 we started remodeling what used to be the ‘Wich House’ sandwich shop in Downtown Eugene to become our second location. We opened the doors in November 2012, and we are currently as happy as ever.

    Along with our crew of world-class waffle bakers, we continue to bring Eugene a wonderful waffle experience. Nevertheless, we are still just babies in the restaurant world, and we do not claim to have it all figured out. For this reason, it is crucial that you give us as much feedback as you can to help us make more people more happy. Feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email ( Thanks, and enjoy the ride!

    -The Waffle Family


    840 willamette st.



    Sun-Thu 7am-9pm   |   Fri & Sat 7am-12am

    south eugene

    2540 willamette st.



    7am-8pm daily

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